Our mission is to ignite the spirit of the fighters, players, achievers and motivate people to strive for more and never settle. We wake up the souls of people drowned in the 9-5 rat race, who lost passion in life, who lost purpose. We give hope…

Line up:

Karol Stanczak – Vocals, Programming, Production
Dan Bumford – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Tom Hamer – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Tom Miller Cheevers – Bass



Gig Video:

Montage from gig in Shoreditch (The Workshop) –
Live Performance Montage (New Cross Inn) –


Parallel dream… lost and regained.

IPG’s self-produced, self-funded and very personal debut single “For The Sake of Nothing” is bringing together new waves of heavy music fans who relate to its message. With this song, IPG is on the mission to wake up the people drowning in the brainless cycle of work, eat, sleep and repeat, who lost contact with their passions in life. If you ever pleaded guilty of finding yourself sleepwalking through life, then listening to the outro of FTSON is going to wedge your eyes and mind open and force you to reflect on your current lifestyle.

I Plead Guilty came to life in April 2017. The members all had parallel dreams that brought them together from remote places on Earth and united them in London. Not only sharing the same desires of going on tour and having the same background story of being in local bands as teenagers, they also share a strong passion for heavy gain guitar and bone-crushing riffs that juxtapose heart melting and brain expanding lyrics perfectly.

Karol the vocalist and producer from Kielce, Poland, Dan and Tom the guitarists from Llandyssil, Wales – decided to abandon their previous lives, friends and families and take the risk and move out to the heart of Europe – London – to find a better future. Soon after, all realised that they left something that was the most important – being in a band, creating music, performing. Since then, never really felt like home, something was missing. The strong desire to get back on stage moved the universe in a direction that opened up the opportunity to regain what was lost. Karol, Dan and Tom were reconnected just like long lost brothers separated at birth.

Life is full of magical moments that combine many coincidences to form undeniable bonds and wonderful memories. Our personal stories bringing us all together is incontrovertible evidence that IPG is our destiny and that we would be doing an injustice to ourselves by squandering this opportunity.

Art is a limitless platform – We want to use it to break down societies norms, express our frustrations and most importantly, portray the message that there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. Life is all about your perspective and outlook, it’s about realising that failures are the best ways to educate yourself and sometimes it’s okay to not be okay.

If IPG can inspire a magnitude of people to think clearer, helping them through a difficult time then the band has succeeded. If the band succeeds, then five people drawn together by art and coincidence have achieved their life goal… what a legacy to leave behind.

I Plead Guilty… but I mend my ways and become a better person.